Journey to West (English version)


The first trip to the west and second chance as speakers in the GNOME Asia Summit
Call for Papers
first before traveling to the west or the opportunity to attend the event classmates GNOME Asia Summit as speakers i first do apply my presentation enrolment as speakers. I fill the overall formnya until and after I apply i get confirmation that paper i already received the committee. About me registering January last week.

Confirm Paper I received (yeeesss Journey to West)
Time awaited for approximately 3 week to get prompt paper i as the speaker was accepted by the committee finally came also, yes finally i open the email that I made to register the event. And finally I get the confirmation email that I get the chance to talk in the event GNOME Asia Summit 2016 in New Delhi.

The Day of departure to the West (New Delhi, India)
yes exactly 20 April 2016 I went to the west (India) for the first time. The journey to the west started from house to Juanda Airport. And at Juanda Airport is the starting point I went to travel to the west to give and get the Enlightenment. From Juanda take off vertically to travel to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (2.5 hours) and transit for about 2 hours before you continue the journey to India. Keberngakatan to India started at the other hand Time Malaysia, which should leave at 7pm Malaysian time because something aircraft delay. The trip to India taken for approx. 5 hours and arrived in India at around 22.30 time India.

Arrive in India and E-TV
Yak before we travel to the west we must take care of the documents to be able to travel to the west. The document Visa. Many types of visas are regular and no electronics. For more details can visit the Indian Visa.
After until in India, the first time that we do is to Immigration for inspection and get stamps, if we already have a regular Visa we can directly into the queue passpor holders regular or all countries. If we ask the e-Visa / e-TV (electronic Tourist Visa) we must to queue e-TV and appplication coming.
E-Visa is itself only be only stamp that includes no Visa number and arrival date and time apply visa. Okay information stories or in short after this urus and quite quite some time refuses priority many and must be scanned biometric devices. Then we take baggage goods storage for support GNOME Asia Summit 2016 from the sponsor of the Indonesia i.e. shoes Fans. After take baggage we recently in currency exchange money changer in airport, James had to be done to be unable to Rupees and can taxi to the location of the hostel.

Hostel and rest needed.
Yes after mendaparkan money Rupees we finally taxi message, eh search taxi and finally I make a taxi. In a taxi is quite delicious themâ and abandoned by its driver quite friendly though less fluent in english but it is quite create accompanied us that is quite kecapekan. Arriving at the Hostel Manav University we assisted by taxi driver to ask the question in Hindi language (if not one) after the process is quite long and came in the hostel and time breaks. See you in First Day Workshop.


First Day Workshop
Event GNOME Asia opened with a ceremony of the Workshop divided into 3 (three) section workshop, including Make your first contribution was presented by Board Member GNOME Foundation Ekaterina Gerasimova, then continued Writing a GNOME applications for newcomers and the last technical session adaah hacking with Nirbheek Chauhan, Arun Raghavan with Gstreamer theme in your GNOME: a Hands-on multimedia hacking. From all the material kesemaunya attended by some elements from teachers or educators to students. And the participants of the enthusiastic to participate in the workshop. On the sidelines of the event is also section for tea break and lunch to give pause time of speakers and participants for the discussion about the workshop has been followed.


Second Day (Summit)
Second Day on 22 April 2016, the event at the core of the GNOME Asia Summit 2016 namely conference. On that day the event was opened with a welcome speech from GNOME Member represented by the Son of Li from China and Ahmad Haris from Indonesia and Local Committee represented by Syobha Tyagi. Then continued with a welcome speech from the Manav Rahna International University. Continued seminars are divided into several classes and previously opened with Keynote Speaker by Cosimo Cecchi one Member Board with the theme of the next billion GNOME users. After the event keynote speaker session there Lighting Talk before the event and after the seminar is divided into several classes, Lighting talk is a showcase of revealing the idea or sharing experiences of several speakers.
I get the chance to talk in the session Lighting Talk at the end of the first day before the event on the first day after the. Our staff carries the theme of “GNOME for Education“. I carries the theme because I wanted a collaboration between the community or talent development container of the talent with the world of education in Asia, so that students can participate in a contribution to the community that can cooperation with large companies such as Google. As well as the community can shape the character and skills of learners before the waterfall in the working world. And students get a good work experience in his contribution so that the learners are not directly there is a track record of useful experience in add portfolio learners.


Third Day
on the third day of the convening of the conference there are interesting topics including the use of the software open source misunderstood one Metal Roofing company in Indonesia that was presented by Iwan S. Tahari, in it companies use open source software to support the operation of the company and pressing the production cost to purchase the software license. And also the theme of FOSS in Indonesia Election submitted by Syah Dwi Prihatmoko. And at the end of the event was closed with the closing speech from the committee that represented by Shoba Tyagi, which in speechnya he uttered many thanks to Emily, Max, Estu that there has been a lot of help in organizing GNOME Asia Summit 2016.


Fourth Day
After trying to reach the Summit at the last day of this we invited equipments provided the same trip to Agra committee (red: Taj Mahal) yak trip to Agra began about at 6.00am for preparation and We went at 7.00am.The journey undertaken by about 4 hours via toll roads. In the journey we breakfast ala dishes South India. Short Story we arrived at Agra around 2 pm and before we go we must buy a ticket price around 1000 Rupees for foreigner.

Last Day in West
Jas. This is the last day of the us in India we check out of the hostel around 8 a.m. and want to move to New Delhi to change hostel create of my friends are my friends are from East Asia. The updated i make hotel we do the roads to India Gate taken with Metro. Before we buy a metro card around 150 Rupees and after the end of the streets we come back to the hotel to take goods and toward the Airport using the Metro to the Airport, ticket price around 60 Rupees.


Thank you to :

  • My beloved Mother that already provide his prayer every day for my journey.
  • GNOME Foundation which has been providing the travel subsidy for this trip.
  • Pak Haris and Pak Moko friends traveling companions.
  • Pak Iwan Thahari that shrimp love sponsors and sooooo good shoes.
  • Unipdu Jombang that already love the permission to perform this trip.
  • Mahav Rachna International University who are preparing the bootmenu.
  • The committee and the Peculiarities GNOME Asia Summit 2016 that shrimp makin dalliance stylish and shrimp mandu we of us.
  • And all parties that already supports this trip. Thank you very much.

Thanks, to meet again in the next trip. (maybe GNOME Asia Summit 2017).

Credits Photo by Bin Li and Syah Dwi P.


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